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Not much work here 27,000 original miles
61 Chevy

This 61 Chevy is not perfect, but vary nice. The front fenders are fiberglass, I have the originals. The passenger door has been replaced, I have the original. And I have screwed the mileage up on the title. I have known this car since it was new. It belonged to a friend of mines Grandparents. They drove it aproxemitly one year when it was involved in a minor accident, leaving only a crease on the passenger side, extending from just behind the front tire to about mid door. They parked their new Chevy in their garage and it did not see the light of day till they passed on, when it was moved to my friends garage. He put the glass front fenders on as he was going to build a hot rod of the old Chevy. But his job ended up moving, and he had to follow, whereupon I ended up with the 61. I have owned this 61 for about twenty years now, and I do occasionally roll her out to wax her and service her, but I have never and will never drive her. She is still garaged. 283 Automatic, Impala two door hardtop. Red and white with a grey and white interior. She is For Sale, $10,000 firm. Many spare parts.

Please understand, if I do grant you an apoitment to see this car, there will be no test drives, no one will even sit in this car, as there is not a tear in this interior and you will not be the first to put one there as long as I own her, and you may touch her only with clean hands. You may contact me through the NudeAutoMall, however if Nudity offends you, Please seak the help of an Psychologist, as in my humble opinion, you need help.

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