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Jaguar XKE Collection No. 1

The Jaguar XKE Collection No. 1 Compiled by R.M Clarke, a Brooklands Books printing, ISBN 0 907 073 085. Jaguar XKE Collection No. 1 is like it says a collection, specifically a nice collection of E-Type Jaguar articles written in the period of the release of each mile stone of the XKE.

1) The New 150 mph Jaguar, Motor 15MAR61: A nice in depth article on the birth of the XKE with the Series 1, 3.8 Litre delving deeply into all aspects of the machine that makes the E-Type so agile and responsive, all illustrated with some very nice visible art (showing the insides as if looking through a glass car). Written by a knowledgable but apparently un noted author.

2) E-Type Is Here! Road Report, Modern Motor NOV61: The beginning ramblings of the "fear" talk, the talk that would eventually be the doom of the XKE many years later. David McKay goes on to give a nice review of the E, even speaking of his inability to make the E loose control, but never rebuffs his fear talk.

3) Jaguar's Exotic E, Sports Car World OCT63: A lavishly written romantic article about driving the E-Type by Chris Beck. Chris' knowledge of the mechanics does show in both his praise and criticism.

4) Jaguar XKE Vs Corvette Sting Ray, Road Test MAY65: A nice in depth comparative, speaking appreciably of both cars, gently criticizing any faults.

5) Jaguar XKE 4.2 Road Test, Cars Illustrated MAR65: A praise on the improvements of the 4.2 over the 3.8. Most appreciably this road test isn't just for performance but continues into actual harsh driving conditions, even dreaded ice, praising the control of the big cat; criticisms are mainly as most the heater and defrosters.

6) Dick Protheroe's Jaguar, Autosport 4DEC64:

7) Two Years With The Jaguar E-Type, Motor Sport APR67:

8) Jaguar E-Type 2+2 Road Test, Sporting Motorist 66:

9) Jaguar E-Type 4.2 Roadster Road Test, Autocar 12OCT67:

10) Jaguar XKE, Road Test FEB69:

11) The Price Of Clean Air, Motor 20DEC68:

12) Jaguar E-Type Coupe Road Test, Modern Motor MAR71:

13) Honestly It Really Is The V12!, Car APR71:

14) Viewpoint: Jaguar V-12, Car & Driver MAY71:

15) Jaguar V12 E-Type Road Test, Sports Car World OCT72:

16) The End Of An Era, Road Test OCT 74: