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Opel GT

Ok, first things first. Put gas in the gas tank, no leaks, great. Pore a little more down her carburetor to help prime her lines, instead of burning up a starter. Hit the key, fires right up, runs a second, dies. Repeat this procedure several times and she still doesn't stay running. Someone has bypassed the fuel filter, so there's not one to clog. Thus we're down to a clogged carburetor (much rather have a clogged fuel filter) or a bad fuel pump. Check the easer one first. Remove the fuel line from the carburetor and turn the motor over. There is fuel, but not enough, more of a burp then a squirt. Ok fuel pump is dead. Got an electric one laying around out of an old Ford Ranger.

Opel GT

Reroute a couple lines and add a switch under the dash, wala, one fuel pump. Flip the switch, turn the motor over, varoom, awesome, dies, what. Shut everything off and look things over. There is gasoline running out the bottom of the manifold where she blew a vacuum line off. Not a good thing. Pull the air breather off and flip the fuel pump switch. Fuel shoots almost a foot out the top of the carburetor, too much pressure there Scotty. Something about an 80 to 90 pound fuel pump in a 15 to 35 pound system it just doesn't seem to like.

Opel GT

Easily solved. Grab a fuel shut off valve from an old gas tank and use it to limit the fuel pressure. About an 1/8th turn ought to be enough to let it run, and insure not too much pressure. Still comes out the top of the carburetor, not trying to imitate a Fire Truck this time, but that's not good. Turn the valve down, no more then a crack, switch the fuel pump back on and she still gurgles. Remember that no fuel filter thing, well time to tear the carburetor down. There it is, the fuel shut off valve atop the float has a piece of rubber atop it that more resembles a pile of buckshot, than a point.

Yes I could rebuild the carburetor and everything would probably be good, but at the prices of gas I have been itching to try Propane anyhow. Bye bye carburetor, well I'll set it up on a shelf incase anyone ever wants to restore this old Opel GT back to original. Meanwhile on the shelf lies an old Propane system I pulled off a junk forklift sometime ago.

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