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Opel GT

Head Lights, What a nightmare. Allot of advice online, and greatly appreciated, but none of it worked. Separating the Head Light Connecting Rod, was probably a good ideal. But if both Head Lights are stuck, you are not going to separate that Connecting Rod. Two weeks and four cans of penetrating oil, I guess penetrating oil ain't happening either. Physically jumping up and down on the Head Lights, well it get's some frustration out, but they still say blank you buddy. Finally the trick that worked I didn't find anywhere. There are two 10mm bolts, one under the Wheel Well behind an Access Plate, the other under the Hood for each Head Light. These bolts mount the Latch and Roll Mechanism that is attached to the back of the Head Light. I had to remove the Master Cylinder to get to the one bolt. These bolts let the back of the Head Light fall in the well giving you marginal access to the Latch and Roll Mechanism. You'll have to remove the rubber seal across the top of the Mechanism, it just pulls right off.

Opel GT

Spraying penetrating oil now directly into the Latch and Roll Mechanism did help free the one up. A couple good hard rolls side to side and it came loose. Yes this will scratch the paint, and it hurts like hell when you pinch your fingers, but it came loose. The other one, not so lucky, it would take a couple more days of studying, smashed fingers, and frustration to figure this one out. Oh yes, and another can of penetrating oil didn't hurt. The Latch was froze. If you look closely you will notice an arm sticking out one side of the back plate.

Opel GT

This arm holds a pin that is what the Latch Latches. The Latch is released by the center half moon like piece of tin striking the bottom of the Latch Mechanism. Actually the half moon looking thingy is part of the gear that assists in rolling over the Head Lights, but that is irrelevant here. It is a bit awkward to get a good pry on the bottom of the Latch when sticking a screwdriver through the top of it, but I managed to work the screwdriver inbetween the Latch and half moon thingy with the Head Light rotated in the wrong direction (the Latch Arm side up), gently prying back and forth with the screwdriver untill I seen the Latch move. I sprayed it down good again and worked it a few more times. Then a couple of good hard rotational slams and it finally moved. Grabbing hold with both hands and pulling, the Head Light was finally open. Now I just have to dismantle them and clean the rust out. Oh, and you can bet I'll be adding allot of grease before I put them back together.

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