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Opel GT

Ended up skim coating the Opel GT with Bondo. The metal had too many twists in it and I wasn't interested in playing with it anymore. I don't like skim coating with Bondo as there are far better products for thin coats. But this Opel GT is so full of Bondo already, a little more ain't going to hurt. Besides I can always add the other later if I want a perfect finish.

Opel GT

Well far from done, it is time to call it quits on the Body Work and get back to the Propane.

Opel GT

A Friend use to tell me "They're not going to notice it as it drives past at 55, so it doesn't matter". The Perfectionist in me could never agree with this, but Elmer had allot of happy customers, so I guess he did something right. Ya your right it will eat at me, and I'll go back and work at it allot more. But as I go to burry Elmer today, this one is for him. Farewell Friend.

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