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Frank of Raso Enterprises dropped by with some friendly advice. He has advised that auto propane systems require a liquid supply to the propane converter. The Fork Lift did run off a Barbeque style Tank, and I had the Opel GT running off an upright welding tank, but I shall certainly look into this. He also suggested that the using of gear style clamps to secure fuel hoses might not pass some Government Inspections. That too is always good advice, Laws certainly change from place to place, and contrary to popular belief they are often there so we don't make the same mistake someone else made (Yes I agree there are also "Barrier to Entry Laws" and Laws made out of Prejudicium too). Locally I did contact the Borough of Motor Vehicles before I began this project and got the normal Government run around from when no one knows the answer. And, I have called all the local Propane suppliers none of whom had dealt with Propane Cars before. Also most Government web pages are geared for advising fleet and corporate interests. So, me being me, I'll figure it out on my own when I can't find help and when good people like Frank come along, advice is always welcome.

Opel GT

This image gives clarity to the gear style hose clamps. Image used with permission from It illustrates the connections of a small engine, but they are the same as was on the forklift. As you can see the high pressure side has compression fittings and the low pressure has gear style hose clamps, similar also in setup to a power steering system. So this application should be safe in this respect, but as I travel allot it might be good to change the low pressure side over to compression fittings in the future, just so I don't have a problem in being refused fuel because of not having them. So Frank's good advice will probably save me a headache one day.

On further research Frank is also correct on Propane needing a liquid supply. It seems just drawing the gas off the top for sustained lengths of time will cause the liquid to become concentrated at low pressures and freeze in the fuel system. I personally will probably stick with the Barbeque Tank for the time being, and convert it over when I find the correct tank (and before I take the Opel GT on any long drive).

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