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Opel GT

A piece of old rubber hose makes a nice edge guard against vibration warring a hole in the fuel line. I simply cut a slit in the rubber hose and slip it over the extruding metal.

Opel GT

Actually broke down and bought something new, a piece of braided hose for the supply line and the fittings to attach it. Guess I got inpatient, which was pointless as the brakes are frozen so I won't be able to drive her yet anyhow.

Opel GT

Found a used wet tank. Getting pretty cold here, well below freezing, so the work is slowing. But I did have to see how the Fuel Tank fit. Not to well as you can see. It fit through the opening a little snug, but a hump for the exhaust pipe is keeping it from sitting down in the well. Doesn't look good for getting that spare tire back in unless I go with side pipes. And of course the fitting is new type only.

Found a junk BBQ Grill in the trash with the newer fitting. Only that does not work either. Guess I'm stuck with digging up another junk forklift, one new enough to have this fitting instead of the old style fitting.


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