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Opel GT

Had to take a brake for a moment, just getting frustrated trying to find a tank on limited funds. So I needed something easy to conquer. Time to attack the battery. Don't you just love that custom cargo strap battery hanger. Well hey, I guess we can say, it did work. But I think I prefer something a little more metal...

Opel GT

Building a battery tray is simple. Just cut it out like your folding a box, and crimp it all together. I love using old Furnace Duct Work, being galvanized it doesn't rust as easy, it's often in the trash, hence easy to stock up on, and it helps save the planet. (Remember the 3R's: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle).

Opel GT

Add a few braces and some screws and it's ready for the battery. Granted it is not original, but I'm not trying for that. Besides, Propane wasn't original either :)

While standing on my head under the Opel GT, putting in the battery tray, I noticed another problem. The mount bolt on the bottom of the Radiator is sticking out about a half inch. The loose bolt is letting the bottom of the radiator bump the fan. Just found my tapping noise!

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